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We have a fully computerised pathology laboratory with the latest technology.

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We have highly trained, qualified and knowledgeable doctors.

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Get your all blood tests and health packages done at the comfort of your home.

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Full body checkup package in Dehradun including Thyroid, HbA1c, Iron Studies, Vitamin.

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T.H.C Diagnostic Center is the leading 12 x 7 Pathology lab in Dehradun with world class equipment and quality in customer services and preventive healthcare. We have a fully computerized Pathology Laboratory maintain a 100% proficiency rating.

THC lab quality policy is providing timely accurate precise convenient and cost effected report and services. We provide a wide range of tests with high quality and reliable results at an affordable cost.

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We can talk for a long time about advantages of our clinic before other medical treatment facilities. But you can read the following facts in order to make sure of all pluses of our clinic:









Frequently Asked Questions

THC Diagnostic is a exclusive fully computerized pathology lab where tests are carried out on medical samples to get information about a patient's health for providing accurate diagnosis, treatment. It is where lab tests are conducted on patient sample, such as blood test, urine and other body fluids and the results are analyzed.
THC Diagnostic lab provides you the simplest way to book a health package test. These are the simplest steps to book a health package test: Visit thcdiagnostic.in -> Click on Book an Appointment button-> Fill your details in the form section-> Enter(Name, Phone No., Message)
For us, safe sample collection, timely delivery of reports, reliable and accurate reporting with affordable price, free home visit at nearest to our clinic, online report via sms email, patient health and safety precautions are the basis of our success.
The basic cost for full body checkup at THC diagnostic lab is Rs. 2799 including following tests: CBC, Blood Sugar, Liver Function Tests, Kidney Function Tests, Lipid Profile Tests, Thyroid Function, Urine R/E, Vitamin D3, B12, HBA1C.
Yes. THC Diagnostic Lab provides a home sample collection by following all required saftey measures and rules.
Full body health checkup helps people keep a check on what's going on inside their bodies. Regular health checkups are important to people ranging between 35-75 years of age to get their full body checkups every two years.
Some of the popular health checkup tests for whole body are: Thyroid Function, Lipid Profile, Blood and Urine Tests, Total Cholesterol and others.
Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check up and do not eat or drink at least 8-10 hours before health checkups.


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We have well equipped fully computerized testing laboratory with a highly trained experts and technologists to meet the laboratory testing requirements of our patients.


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